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Extended Call for abstracts - Workshop on International Agreements in the Fisheries Sector 2018
EAFE - European Association of Fisheries Economics First Call for Abstracts

Workshop on International Agreements in the Fisheries Sector (economics and trade considerations)

Date: 15 - 16 May 2018 Place: Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Organizers: Hans Ellefsen, Faroe Islands Ministry of Fisheries | Melina Kourantidou, University of Southern Denmark | Bertrand Le Gallic, EAFE President -University of Brest

We invite presentations for the Workshop on 'International Agreements in the Fisheries Sector'. The focus of the workshop is to explore strategic interactions among agents in fisheries. Special features of such interactions that are of particular interest are agreements for the joint management of fishing resources, agreements for access to living marine resources, the role of RFMOs in facilitating intergovernmental cooperation, trade agreements in the seafood sector, as well as laborers conditions under international fishing agreements. We welcome both theoretical and empirical papers that integrate state-of-the art game-theoretic but also broader resource-economic models within fisheries. We further solicit contributions on new developments, trends and updates in the fisheries sector, cross-national fisheries management structures, national fisheries reforms, past and ongoing challenges in fisheries agreements, decision-making and policy planning.

Please submit your abstract as a PDF or Word attachment (max 300 words, excluding title and references) no later than 31 January 2018 to info@fisk.fo, and include the following (in this order): name and affiliation of the author(s)/convener(s), e-mail address of the first author/convener, title of the paper, abstract.

News and questions Updated information about the workshop can be found at the EAFE website under EAFE events. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@fisk.fo.

Practical information On the evening on Monday 14 May, there will be a welcome reception. Details will be announced soon after the deadline for abstract submissions.

There are direct flights to the Faroes from Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Bergen and Edinburgh on Monday. On Wednesday 16 May, there are direct flights back to Reykjavik and Copenhagen. On Thursday the 17 May there are directs flights back to Bergen and on Friday the 18 May there are direct flights back to Edinburgh.

Travel from Vagar International Airport to Torshavn can be done by using Airport Shuttle at http://auto.fo/?lang=en_us. Pre-booking is recommended.

Hotel rooms for the participants are pre-booked at Hotel Hafnia. (http://www.hafnia.fo/?areaid=2). Hotel Hafnia is a 5 minute walk from the workshop venue Smran.

More information about Torshavn can be found here http://visittorshavn.fo/
EAFE Conference 2017
he XXIIIrd Conference of the European Association of Fisheries Economists (EAFE) will be held at Dublin Castle from the 25th to 27th April 2017.
All information details will soon be made accessible the EAFE website and on this page: http://www.bim.ie/eafe/
EAFE conference 2015, Salerno : third announcement
Third Announcement

EAFE Conference 2015, Salerno

"New management issues within the reformed Common Fishery Policy:
implementation and socio-economic impacts"

28th - 30th April 2015 - at University of Salerno, Italy

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EAFE conference 2013 : Special Edition of Marine Policy to follow
The XXIst EAFE Conference

15th > 17th April 2013
Edinburgh, Scotland

"Securing the future - Implementing reform in European Fisheries"

Richard Lochhead to give closing address

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EAFE Workshop 2012
EAFE Workshop 2012

"Green and Blue Growth: Challenges and opportunities for fisheries, aquaculture and the seafood industry"

2 and 3 May 2012
Bilbao, Spain

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