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A key component of the project FAST is a doctoral research on the following subject :
"Bio-economic impact assessment of changes in the regulation of access to fisheries: the case of Individual Transferable Quotas in Australian coastal fisheries", carried out by Katell Hamon.

The project has a strong modeling component.It will focus on the responses of the Tasmanian rock-lobster fishery to new regulatory controls, particularly the introduction of economic instruments. Because such responses involve economic behavior of harvesters, a central part of the research involves modeling such behavior and coupling this with existing biological models of resource dynamics.

Principal PhD supervisors are Jean-Pierre Boude (Agrocampus-Rennes, France) and Stewart Frusher (UTAS, Australia).
Co-supervisors for the project are Olivier Thébaud (IFREMER, France), Jean-Christophe Soulié (CIRAD, France) and Rich Little (CSIRO, Australia).

Research to date has focus on the empirical analysis of changes observed in the fishery following the adoption of Individual Transferable Quotas in 1998 :
See the power point presentation :"A retrospective analysis of the effects of adopting Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) in the Tasmanian rock lobster fishery" (pdf 786 Ko) workshop fastread pdf

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