Axe 3 : Atelier « Modélisation Systémique » du GIS Europole Mer

Du 21 au 23 juin 2010, Brest

Présentation de l’atelier

Centre of European excellence for oceanography and the marine environment, Brest is hosting the seventh Sea Tech Week, a major interdisciplinary forum for the marine science and technology sector. Sea Tech Week combines five days of seminars and workshops with a professional trade fair, creating a unique forum for all those involved in the wide-ranging disciplines of maritime research and development.

Around a thousand participants including researchers, economists, legal experts, professionals and delegates from major institutions are expected to gather to review the latest scientific work, groundbreaking technological developments and current economic and legal issues. Sea Tech Week is organised by Brest métropole océane and supported by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Ifremer, Europôle mer, Pôle Mer, Université de Bretagne occidentale, Ensieta, Télecom Bretagne…

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Europole Mer Axis 3:
Workshop on “Systems Modelling”

Science-policy integration, integrated and participatory assessments, simulation models and model coupling platforms, foresight and scenario are keywords common to all the work done in the area of system modelling applied to sustainability issues in the Coastal Zones.

Interdisciplinary work across natural and social sciences to model and simulate the complex interactions between bio-geophysical dynamics and socio-economic processes as well as the integration of processes from catchment to coast are major challenges.

This workshop on the “Systems Modelling” applied to watersheds, coastal or oceanic systems is organized by Europole Mer Research Axis 3 “Observation and Dynamics of Coastal Systems”. It is an internal workshop for the member of the GIS Europole Mer in cooperation with the CSIRO and the University of Tasmania in Australia. System modelling frameworks and applications developed in France and in Australia will be presented. More specifically, it will focus on applications that take into account the marine environment and/or resources along with their human use. Work from the IP SPICOSA, DAHU platform, IPRAC and other projects will be presented for the French side. Over three days, from June 21 to 23, this workshop will aim at sharing experience and current good practices on both technical and collaborative aspects of systems modelling. The workshop is open to Europole Mer members and invitees only.