Master in Law of Maritime Activities
Law, Sea and Coastal Areas


To train high-level lawyers specialised in the law of the sea, coastal areas, and maritime activities.

Acquired skills

The purpose of the training is to master the specific nature of the law of maritime activities. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge on:
– shipping and navigation;
– maritime transport activities with their specific contractual, social or criminal features;
– fishing;
– various economic activities.
Knowledge acquired also includes the international framework shaped by the Law of the sea and the Law of coastal activities on port infrastructure, urban planning or state-owned public domain.

Graduates benefit from a range of skills in legal monitoring, situation analysis and finding legal solutions, contract or regulation drafting, and dispute prevention and handling. At the end of their training, graduates are able to deal with any situation faced by maritime law, whether they work for a maritime transport operator, a legal professional, an infrastructure manager or a public body.


In Master 1: optional four-week internship or research thesis
In Master 2: internship of at least 3 months.
Examples of assignments: legal advice, project management, writing legal studies and reports

And then what?

Further studies

Possibility to pursue a PhD

Career Prospects

  • Lawyer
  • Chargé d’affaires
  • Litigation officer
  • Legal counsel
  • Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Committee Secretary (professional and trade union organizations)
  • Senior Civil Servant at the regional, national, European and international level (after passing a competitive examination)
  • Journalist
  • Magistrate (after passing a competitive examination)
  • Lawyer (after passing the entrance examination)

Sectors of activity

  • Law – Justice
  • Logistics – Transport – Insurance

The advantages of training

  • High professionalization: participation of many professionals from the private and public sectors in the teaching team.
  • The proximity of many sea-related institutions in Brest and its region, which welcome Master students for visits and conferences.
  • The alumni network, which for 40 years has supported training and put its experience at the service of students (conferences, training, internships, job offers).
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Localization : University of Brest, France
Training managers:

Gaëlle Gueguen-Hallouet
Nicolas Boillet

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