FAST Project – First Workshop.

Analysing the dynamic response of fisheries production systems to biological, social and economic management measures : methods and case studies

11th – 12th December 2008
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Laboratories
Castray Esplanade, Hobart, Australia

Fisheries analysts gather to explore social and economic dimensions of fisheries

In early December, CSIRO, IFREMER and TAFI hosted a workshop at CMAR Hobart on ‘Analysing the dynamic response of fisheries production systems to biological, social and economic management measures: methods and case studies’.

The workshop explored the theme of better representing economic and social interests in fisheries management decision-making. Presentations documented issues of concern to fisheries, from tourism to aquaculture and climate change, and approaches being used to manage and understand them.

Three key messages were taken from the meeting. The first was the recognition of the possible benefits and shortfalls of Individual Transferable Quota fisheries management systems, and the need to develop an evidence-based review of ITQ implementation details for fisheries that move towards them in the future. Secondly, as economics begin to extend into fisheries management with the concept of Maximum Economic Yield (MEY), operationalising MEY as a target reference point, beyond its theoretical context, was seen as a critical task. Lastly, with our great knowledge of bio-physical process, and increasing use of economic factors, incorporating the social dimension was seen as imperative for the future of fisheries management worldwide.

The workshop was sponsored by the Australian Government’s International Science Linkages Program, the French Embassy, TAFI and CSIRO (OCE Julius Award Fund). Follow-up meetings will take place in Brest, France in Sept 2009 to foster collaboration between France and Australia in the form of shared research projects, including co-tutelle PhD projects, and published meeting outcomes. Contact Stewart Frusher (, Rich.Little (, or Olivier Thébaud (


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